Friday, May 27, 2016

Pizza Swirl Bread

Pizza, this word itself make my family drool, especially my kids. Fortunately i learned to tame the yeast obviously i do my own pizza crust and go with the toppings of our own choie. Whenever we feel like having this cheesy food, i dont hesitate a second to bake some delicious Pizzas. Needless to say my blog baby have a couple of pizza related dishes though my today's post is also going to be a pizza bread. Yes Pizza Swirl bread, trust me this bread rocks, with simple ingredients and with an easy pizza dough, this swirl bread tastes simply awesome. If you are planning to make this incredible bread, dont forget to make the pizza dough in huge quantity.This post is going to be a part of a monthly baking event, i have been a part of this group since ever its started. Somehow i try to bake studiously for this baking event, as the bakes given for every month to the members of this group will be very interesting one to bake without any fail.

Pizza Swirl bread

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mushroom Pickle/Instant Mushroom Pickle/Kaalan Urugaai

I just love mushrooms and button mushrooms are my all time favourite. Never tried my hands in making a pickle with this interesting ingredient. While i picked pickles and preserves as this week's blogging marathon, i know i will be dishing out an instant version of pickle with button mushrooms hence this fingerlicking quick pickle for my today's post. Very easy to make this pickle takes hardly less than 15 minutes to get ready. They are ready to serve immediately, however i enjoyed them after an hour. Served along with sambar rice or curd rice, this fingerlicking goodness pickle tastes absolutely fabulous.

Quick mushroom pickle, Mushroom oorugai

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vietnamese Carrot Pickle/Pickled Carrot

After a quick instant potato pickle, am taking you all to Vietnam for this week's blogging marathon theme.Yes the theme for this week's blogging marathon is Pickles and Preserves. Banh mi sandwich is one of the popular and well known Vietnamese sandwich is quite famous among the local peoples To give the crunchy texture to this sandwich, pickled carrots and daikon radishes are used while preparing the sandwich.I always want to give a try to this pickled vegetables at home as they are very simple to make. Finally i made them and i tried this Vietnamese pickled vegetables just with carrots. Either sliced as thin match box like sticks or else shredded, carrot is simply added to a vinegared water prepared along with salt and sugar. However if you want to have fun with carrots, you can just create any shapes, size and thickness. This vietnamese carrot pickle stays crunchy,its quite versatile as well.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Instant Potato Pickle/Aloo Ka Achar/Quick Potato Pickle

Pickle, i can finish happily my lunch or dinner with pickle. Yes i can survive for many day with pickle without any fuss. Pickles or preserves plays an important role in Indian meal. Obviously we Indians make loads of pickles with varieties of vegetables and fruits, yes we do pickle even with fruits like tomato or with orange peel. Served simply with curd rice, am an ardent fan of pickles. My posts for this week's blogging marathon are going to be variety of pickles, yes my theme for this week's blogging marathon is Pickles and Preserves. My first post for this week's theme is an Ultimate easy breezy, quick, Instant potato pickle. Aloo ka achar aka quick potato pickle is definitely one of quickest pickle i have tried till today.

Aloo ka achar, Potato pickle