Monday, May 2, 2016

Recap - 26 days of Journey Through The Cuisine

26 days of French dishes, yes i did it for a month of blogging marathon. Though i want to stick with a French Baked dishes earlier, i dont want to take risk as everyone at home is trying to keep away from Sweet bakes.Since we, marathoners usually do plan our theme always earlier about this whole month of blogging,fortunately i had enough time to dish out many desserts and baked goodies though i was super busy with my exams,work and other personnal stuffs.

Nothing can stop me now, yes Blogging marathon is very much close to my heart. However dishing out many desserts and sugar loaded bakes from French cuisine didnt troubled me this time.As i carried most of this French dishes to my friends places whenever we had some weekend meet. Obviously i didnt hesitate a second to make many eggs loaded desserts and bakes to please our family friends.

Some of the French dishes i have dish out for this while month of blogging marathon were very much appreciated by my friends. Thank god everything went on prefectly and am so happy to finish the whole month blogging marathon without any hassle. Since we blogged this whole month's blogging marathon with Alphabets, we had a funfilled blogging marathon as some of the alphabets were seriously very hard to fix out.However we finished brilliantly and all other marathoners simply rocked with many beautiful dishes with some unique themes.

Writing a recap after a month of blogging marathon is a must for us, here come the recap of 26 days of French Cuisine.

A for Aligot

B for Bugnes Lyonnaises

C for Chinois aux Pépites de Chocolat

D for Doigts de Fée

E for Eclair au Chocolat

F for Far Breton aux Pommes

G for Galette des Rois à la Confiture de Lait

H for Hachis Parmentier

I for Île Flottante au Chocolat

J for Jardinère de Légumes

K for Kouglof aux Pépites de Chocolat

L for Liégeoise au Chocolat

M for Moelleux au Chocolat

N for Nage de Fraise à l'Orange

O for Oeuf au Lait

P for Paillasson de Pomme de Terre

Q for Quatre Quart

R for Ratatouille

S for Salade de Betteraves Cuites

T for Tarte au Fromage

U for Un Amour de Madeleine

V for Velouté de Tomates

W for Warmer Win

X for Xcellente Brioche de Nanterre

Y for Yaourt Glacé à la Framboise

Z for Zezettes de Sète

Hope you all enjoyed virtually my 26 dishes from French Cuisine, dont hesitate a second to cook if you want to give a try if you are planning something different from your usual cooking.

If you want to join this blogging marathon family, send a Hi to Srivalli, the brainchild of this monthly event.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pink Guava Smoothie

Pink Guava, i dont get this ultimate fruit here in Paris, but still am posting a fabulous smoothie which i blended together with an another incredible ingredient. I had an immense chance to enjoy this fruit thoroughly during my last year's trip to India. Its was a peak season in India during my travel and i dished out couple of dishes out of this fantastic fruit. After making some juice, lemonade and lassi with both green and pink guavas, my today's post is this simple but yet a delicious healthy smoothie prepared with pink guava chunks with yogurt, rolled oats. Definitely this smoothie is a very refreshing drink and dont forget to make some if you get this tropical fruit easily.

Pink guava smoothie, Tropical smoothie with guava

Zezettes de Sète/French White Wine Biscuits

Zezette de Sète, is a delicious biscuits which have its origin from Sète, a beautiful city of France. Honestly i dont know about this popular biscuits which is quite famous in South France especially the cities and villages around Montpellier. This Zezette de Sète is a trademark biscuits and this biscuits is made with easy ingredients available easily in your pantry except the White wine. Actually the addition of white wine plays an important role in this biscuits, though the alcohol gets disappears while baking. Needless to say that this White wine biscuits makes an excellent evening snacks to have with your favourite beverage.Usually flavored with vanilla extract, some bake their Zezettes even with Orange blossom water, however this biscuits are very simple to make if you want try something different from your usual bakes.

Zezettes de Sète, Vegan White wine biscuits, French White wine biscuits

Friday, April 29, 2016

Yaourt Glacé à la Framboise - Frozen Yogurt with Raspberries

Frozen yogurt which is also known as frogurt or frozen yoghurt is a frozen dessert made simply with yogurt though sometimes other dairy products are also used. This frozen dessert is lower in fat and its quite different from the icecream. You can serve this icecream like frozen dessert is served with different flavors.Yaourt means Yogurt in French, frozen yogurt is quite a popular dessert in French cuisine. This frozen yogurt is seriously very easy to prepare as no cooking is needed. Varieties of frozen yogurt do exists and my today's frozen yogurt goes for raspberries. Summer fruits are showing their heads in every fruit and vegetable stalls. Raspberries and strawberries are easily available now, obviously i went with raspberries as i love this fantastic fruit.

Yaourt Glacé à la Framboise,Frozen Yogurt with Raspberries